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As well as a full Interior Design service providing scale drawings, samples, visualisation sketches and FF& E scheduling, Hyde Inside offers a simple 'Review and Advise' option.   With 'Review and Advise', Ann-Louise holds your hand, helping you gain confidence in your own choices and dropping in fresh ideas whilst providing peace of mind, stopping you from making unintended design disasters and expensive mistakes.  Use a little help, even it it's just for your paint colours, furniture choices and getting the right curtains and blinds.

Every person and therefore every job is unique and custom built to suit. Check out our process here or have a look at a sample proposal below.

When you are ready for the next step, fill out our enquiry form or make a call to arrange a consultation - all can be found on our Contact Page.

Residential Rates

Make your house a home to love

Hyde Inside Interior Design Titirangi

Easy Design Fee Schedule

Initial Meeting - A one hour face to face first interview for client and designer - $200

Every hour thereafter - $120

Large Projects and Contract work - $80

Mini Colour Consult - single area/small home paint colours only, $200 fixed fee

Online consultation via Zoom, Microsoft Meetings or FaceTime - $120 per hour, minimum charge 2 hours ie $240

Review and Advise - as required at above rates

* These prices include GST

Window Treatments

You name it, we can do it!

Hyde Inside Interior Design Curtains

Updating your window coverings is the simplest way to improve insulation and light control whilst you uplift, refresh and add value to your space.  No design fee applies and we do everything from the simple to the ornate. Get in touch for our recommendations for the best solution in your space today.

Options include:

  • Wooden or PVC shutters
  • Roman blinds
  • Venetian blinds
  • Motorised and manual roller blinds
  • Luxaflex Duettes
  • Lumishades
  • London blinds
  • Simple fabric curtains
  • Sheers
  • Single pleat
  • Dutch (aka Twin) pleats
  • Inverted (aka New York) pleats
  • Wave heading
  • French pleats
  • Goblets
  • and all sorts of fancy other stuff
Business to Business

Helping your clients and you

Business to Business - Helping your clients and you

Architects, Landlords, Builders, Project Managers & Real Estate Agents

Ann-Louise Hyde is a Member of DINZ and has personal indemnity insurance of $1,000,000  

Services are offered as a professional contractor, on demand.

  • Interior specifications, scale drawings and scheduling including:
  • Floor Plans, Elevations and Cross Sections
  • All permanent interior finishes eg. Flooring, wall coverings, cabinetry
  • Paint & Finishes Schedules, including Exterior
  • Kitchen and Bathroom plans
  • Lighting and Electrical plans
  • Design and supply of Window treatments of all types
  • Paint, wallpaper, tiling and all interior finishes
  • FF&E plus soft furnishings and decor items - design and supply
  • Visualisation Sketches - 3D computer-rendered or by hand
  • Samples board to suit project
  • Brief-taking and client liaison

Standard Services

Senior Designer - hourly rate $120
Designer - hourly rate $75
Subcontracted Services - cost + 10%

* These prices include GST

Sample quote

In this example the clients were building a new home.  Selecting the kitchen had made them realise they needed help!  

The following options include familiarisation with the project, liaison with the architect/project manager as required, the Initial Meeting with the client to receive a full Brief, a Confirmation of the Brief Document and a Colours and Finishes Schedule.

Option 1 - Colours and Finishes

Fee $650 inclusive*

  1. In-home briefing meeting
  2. Off-site meeting with the client at the kitchen manufacturer's to view selected design and finishes to date.
  3. Review of the colour selections and finishes above.
  4. Presentation Meeting – New Colour and Finishes concepts to be presented to yourselves for the whole house.
  5. Development of colour and finishes concept.  Samples of all floor, wall, ceiling and fittings finishes to be gathered and presented for approval.
  6. Scheduling of selected colours and finishes
  7. Availability by telephone to contractors

​Option 2 - Interior Design solution

Fee $4750 inclusive*

Option 1 plus:

  1. Inventory of existing furniture and decor items which are to be incorporated in the new design.
  2. Photograph and measure each piece of 1).
  3. Overall Interior Design Concept.  
  4. Lighting Concept; includes working with the architect to ensure compatibility with approved Lighting Plan
  5. Furniture (new) Selection and supply
  6. Furniture placement
  7. Ergonomic Assessment and Selection of Bathroom Fittings
  8. Design of window treatments
  9. Design/selection of soft furnishings.
  10. Selection of hardware.
  11. Selection and gathering of samples.
  12. Presentation Meeting.
  13. Visit showrooms together to view suggested fittings, furniture and furnishings.
  14. Pricing and necessary revisions.
  15. 3 rendered sketches showing room views.  Further drawings can be made @ $200 per drawing if required.
  16. Scheduling of all furniture, fittings, decor items and hardware.
  17. Management of the supply, manufacture (if/where appropriate), delivery and installation of furniture, furnishings and decor items.
  18. Telephone availability to client, architect and contractors until completion of the project
  19. Meetings as required with client.

*General information

Fees include all travel, research, sample-gathering and GST.  


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