10 tips for falling in love with your storage!

'Ena Office Cabinet' by Salih Teskeredzic​
'Ena Office Cabinet' by Salih Teskeredzic​

Marie Kondo inspiration we can all use

Don't we all love Marie Kondo?  For me it's the way she honours her clients and the spaces they live in, and the gentle energy she embodies.

So let's say you have given thanks to your junk and let it go.  You have carefully folded and selected items which spark joy for you.  But your room still looks a mess.  This means you need to review your storage furniture.

Here is a practical guide to finding storage you will love to live with.

1)  Assess your room.  Remove everything, except the key pieces of furniture which you re-place just where you want them.  Ask yourself,  “Does my bed feel right here?”  And, “why is that sofa jammed against the wall?”

2) Consider how much storage you actually need.  The more space we have, the more we are tempted to fill it up with stuff.

3) Think about how you would like to store what you have.  Drawers are often the most space efficient, but shelving is lovely to display beautiful items.  You may need hanging space too.  Cupboard doors can hide internal drawers if  you want a super-clean look.

4)  Imagine the form of your storage.  Is there a space for a solid block unit?  Something tall and narrow?  Long and low?  Do you need something with skinny legs to maximise the sense of space in a little room?  This is where you would realise a window seat with storage underneath, or a full wall piece with a recess for the TV is just what you need!

5)  Remember that the empty space around furniture is as important as the pieces themselves.  Don’t fill a space just because you can; it may be needed to give something else room to breathe.

6) What sort of finishes would work for you?   Wood, paint, metal, mixed media?

7)  Measure the space available for your new item.  Take note of the ideal size your new piece will be (overall height x width x depth, in millimetres), and also note the maximum and the minimum sizes you could possibly go to.

8) Only now are you ready to start looking for your storage items.  By all means look online for inspiration, but having done all that work in the preceding steps don’t go for anything outside these parameters and then try to make them fit.  They won’t.

9)  Go shopping!  Don’t be afraid to look at second hand items.  Have your finds re-finished in the look you want, or rescue an antique and have it restored.  You may find you can re-use your own original items now that you have a fresh ‘eye’.  This is not only often a cheaper option, you are saving the planet from all that melteca!   There are also some brilliant cabinet makers out there who will be thrilled to make you a custom piece.

10) At last, welcome your beautiful new baby home and love it for years to come.


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