5 Reasons To Stop Following Fashion Trends In Your Home

1. Trends Don’t Last

You know it. Trends come and go. They're in, they're out. When you are styling your home you are thinking about painting entire walls, purchasing couches and other furniture that 1. is not easy to move in and out or buy and sell and 2. is generally not inexpensive - you want these to be investment pieces, not a passing fad.

2. Fashion Is Not About You

As much as the magazines, catalogues and retail stores want to make you believe it. Trends are used to generate desire and perceived need, but in practical terms we want a couch that is comfortable, a table that is strong. These practical aspects when mixed with good design (rather than the latest looks) allow you to make informed choices that will truly serve you for many years.

3. You Have Your Own Fashion Identity

Enough said. You are unique - your home should reflect that. In a meaningful way that validates and enhances your personal style.

4. The Trends Aren’t for Everyone

Glass coffee tables aren't for families with small children. Big low couches you sink into are not for those with bad backs. A trained designer pulls together everything about you, your lifestyle and space to create something unique that suits you and the way you live. Trends put everyone in a box. And then pull the shag pile rug out from under them before the next season rolls around.

5. What Goes Around Comes Back Around

And then you can tell your kids I told you so. Make decisions based on what works for you and your investment will pay off in the long run.


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