How To Divide A Room With Multi-Purpose Spaces

How do you divide space in an open plan home without losing the open feeling?

In this instance the home owner needed a way to create a separate office area within an open plan living area - without cutting off the light or ambience of the space. This solution was the perfect mix! 

The idea was to create a moveable unit (a great investment piece as it could be moved with them if they ever left this house) that would also double as really great useable storage. Ann-Louise provided the concept, drawings, final design, measurements and liaised with the cabinet maker to ensure the piece was exactly right.

Beautiful and precious collectibles are now displayed proudly in a cabinet on wheels that blocks off the office space without closing it right in. Smooth sliding drawers house extra collectibles so that displays can change and things can be hidden away.

It's a simple solution but getting the design right means this piece will have a long and happy life. The clients loved it and subsequently arranged for Ann-Louise to design an entertainment unit and bookshelf as well.

"We have used Hyde Inside on a number of occasions with our interior decorating. They have provided excellent service when we needed colour consultations, furniture design and sourcing of fabrics and rugs. Highly recommended for all round service, commitment and design expertise."

The custom designed entertainment unit

And bookshelf


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